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Important Annoucement

Its just over five years since we launched our kennel appeal; renting kennel space has always been one of our highest expenditures and is currently running at around £5k - £6K per month! Our aim has been to raise £100,000, the minimum deposit we would need for a mortgage, and we appreciate now with increased property prices these goal posts may have moved slightly. It has always had to remain an ongoing long term aim. It seemed like an almost impossible dream raising such a huge sum alongside the continuing fundraising for the day to day running of the charity which can be around £10,000 every month. However, thanks to our brilliant supporters who have appreciated that this long term goal would see us being able to help save more dogs and have better resources to rehabilitate the most challenging of our charges, we are now very close to that original target.


Greyhound Gap has been a registered charity since 2007, but unincorporated charities are not permitted to buy property so we have had to apply to the Charity Commission to become a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). This has taken a great deal of time and work and the thanks in the main for securing this goes to two of our Trustees, Annette Pemberton and Sam Burns. This has now been granted and means that we are now in a position to seriously consider purchasing a property if a suitable property in the right area comes to the market at an affordable price. It also now gives us the ability to have serious talks with the bank to learn how much we would now be eligible to borrow and to then work out how much more we need to continue to raise to allow us to meet this long term dream.


This will make no practical difference to how the charity is run, what we do etc but we would ask everyone to note that our charity number has now changed to 1158499. The old charity number is still attatched to the charity via the Charity Commissions website and the old accounts will still of course remain on public view. This again is another massive step for Greyhound Gap in our continued efforts to push forward and to remain a charity that does everything by the books and with as always the dogs best interests at heart.