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Fundraising Update - Sponsored Kennel Sleepover

This year we aim to actually PURCHASE the kennels we are currently renting. This will reduce our overheads by around 2k a month as the rent is much higher than the mortgage. We are currently just 26k short of the deposit amount needed. Next weekend 6 of our wonderful team will be sleeping overnight in our kennels with some of our most longer staying hounds, the ones who sadly often get overlooked.


We have set a very very, I am sure over optimistic, fundraising goal for this event of 10k! I am sure we wont make that much but hey if you dont try right? If the kennels are good enough for our hounds then they are good enough for us and this is a way of attempting to prove it whilst also giving those long stayers of ours some overnight comfort and a bed fellow for the night. The block they will be housed in is a block that wont intefere with the rest and overnight behaviour of the other hounds in our care as their welfare remains the upmost priority at all times! I thought it would be fitting to introduce you to the hounds that they will be shacking up with and the people themselves.

Please do take the time to read the full post and if having read it it helps you understand a bit more about the work we do here please take the time to donate. Greyhound Gap has always prided itself in offering a safety net for more of the harder to rehome dogs that other rescues often will not take on. Securing purchase of these kennels really will make a massive different to not only our bills but these harder to rehome dogs lives and many many more like them in the future


You can donate to the sleep over on the link below:


The sleepover is happening next Saturday, 30th January, and we will also be holding a fundraising evening prior to them heading into the kennels! Thank you in advance for your support.


1st up Theo
 Theo came to us around 2 years ago as labelled as dog aggressive no other rescue was willing to step in and he literally was on his last few hours of finding a placement when we stepped in. Theo is a lovely lovely middle aged boy who really needs to find a home as an only dog with someone who is around all or most of the time. Out on walks he ignores the other dogs unless they get right into his face then he lets them know he is not comfortable with it. It is so hard to find homes for middle aged sighthounds as only dogs as most adopters tend to have more than one


2nd Leo
Leo is one of our permanent sanctuary dogs and has been with us for 7 years. God only knows what happened to Leo before moving into our care but we can only begin to imagine. Since landing with us Leo is a very hard boy to get to accept you and even after all these years he still only has a select few that he is comfortable with. Leo has all character traits of a dog with very severe autistic tendancies and does not cope whatsoever with any change in routine right down to radio stations, bedding at times and has to be handled very carefully by those few of us who he accepts. However, far from cruel for Leo a life in kennels is a happy life! He has a set routine, set feed times, set walkers, set routines and it suits him down to the ground he has no pressure and no upset and has nothing to worry about. Leos aggression towards strangers means that he would be to much of a risk out and about or in a home environment and so many different things happening would cause him to breakdown


3rd Carrie
Carrie was shipped to us sight unseen from a local stray pound and is most definitely NOT a lurcher! However it was plain to see that this girl has been knocked around and was nothing more than a breeding machine wherever she had been. We hasten a guess she had spent her life to that date in a shed. Upon landing with us Carrie suffered with the most serious agrophobia imaginable. Taking her out of her kennel blew her brain and she would scream and scream and scream. We knew if we did not accept her and sent her back to the pound Carrie would only go one way. Now 2 years on Carrie is coming on in leaps and bounds. She is turning into the happiest most loving of girls who loves nothing more in life than her walks, her time off lead in the paddock her people and toys. Carrie needs a home with a very patient understanding family around all or most of the time with no other dogs.


4th Pip
Pip is one of our most special girls. She is the gentlest and sweetest and one of the quietest in the kennels here with us. She adores humans, walks and cuddles. Pip has been into a home but sadly proved that she could not live alongside another dog safely. She is not one to start trouble but once the other dog in the home laid the gauntlet down to her and behaved in what was deemed an aggressive manner sadly she did not respond well. Pip is amazing. Pip really deserves a home as an only dog with a family that will adore her. She walks out doubled up here at the kennels with our other dogs with no myther. As a black bull x that needs to be an only dog our stunning little Pip has now been with us for 5 years. Black, bull cross, middle aged seems to equal unappealling


5th Connie
The boss of the kennels! Another black bull cross Connie has now been with us for 5 years and has never had even one home offer. She has though been turned down by numerous potential adopters quite simply again because she is black, middle aged and strong willed. Connie needs a home as an only dog. She walks out well with Dougie at the kennels but at times is nothing short of mean to him. Connie is a very bossy bitch and swings from to much confidence to being quite a worried little girl. She is one of the most firm favourites and is totally adored by us all.


6th Our Dougie
Dougie is another of our long stayers! Again black, bull cross and middle aged. Dougie was so emaciated and shut down when he landed with us and totally sweet as anything with both humans and dogs alike! Sadly when his weight went on he started to show us that he had quite the edge with other dogs. Out on walks he is like a mouse if he has Connie with him because basically then she is the mouth organ and he doesnt need to create! Take Connie away and he steps up himself and has been unwilling to accept being walked out with any of the other dogs over the years even though we have tried. Dougie is a total love bucket and somewhat of a clown, he is so silly and wriggly and if someone was looking for a hound to be an only dog they would love this boy. We do feel with careful introductions Dougie could learn to live with a strong willed female hound.


Our sleeper inners...


1.Sharon Ridge

Sharon will be sharing with Pip. Sharon has been a Greyhound Gap volunteer now for a number of years. Sharon first started out by volunteering to walk at our kennels before taking on homevisiting and fundraising duties also. Sharon currently owns a terrier Baxter who can be a little selective and grumpy with dogs so is an only dog. Its testimony to Sharons dedication that even as a non Gap dog owner she has stuck with us and the dogs for years. Sharon has a massive soft spot for quite a few of our longer stayers but Pip it is no secret is her special girl.


2 Jane Morgan

Jane will be sharing with Leo. Jane originally joined us walking at the kennels around 7 years ago bringing along with her her Daughters Tara and Liv who were only 12 & 13 at the time (more about them in a minute) Jane and the girls turned up week in and week out never missing a day if they could attend. Jane at the time was owned by just Diesel a male staffie. 2 years ago Jane adopted her first Greyhound Gap dog and now owns 2 and also has a foster. Jane now walks, fundraises and fosters for us and have remained with us for all these years. Leo adores Jane. In fact he adores the girls too! It took a long time for Jane to earn Leos trust but it paid off and she is now most definitely his favourite person in the world.


3 Olivia Rowley

Olivia is Janes eldest Daughter and has been volunteering with us since 13 years of age, she is now 19. Liv never missed a weekend at the kennels walking the dogs and is now doing 2 days a week with us here at the kennels since moving. Liv is currently studying animal management at the local college which we are all very proud of as her love for the dogs gave her the push to do this. Liv is another of Leos favourite people but she also has a massive soft spot for Connie and Dougie and Liv will be bedding down with the lovely Connie for the night

4 Tara Rowley Janes other Daughter. Tara is now 17 and has been with us since just 12 years of age and again never use to miss a weeks walking at the old kennels. Both Tara and Liv have been handling the bull xs that a lot of the adults dont dare walk for a few years now. They are very competent with them and dont allow them to get up to mischief out and about and our long staying bullies adore them. Like Liv Tara is also one of Leos favourite people but her other favourites are Cade, Pip, Connie and Dougie. Tara will be bedding down with Dougie for the night.


5 Paul Bould

Paul first adopted from us 7 years ago his beautiful lurcher Ben. A few years ago Paul became more involved and is now one of our regular walkers. He walks a lot of the dogs that others try to avoid walking lol because they are the more demanding or mischievious. Pauls firm favourites are George and Missy but he is also one of Carries regular walkers and she trusts him so he will be spending the night with her


6 Amber Grosvenor

Amber has been volunteering every hour god sends that she was off work on days off with he old job and soon became a permanant fixture here at the kennels and it was plain to see that the kennels was where Amber wanted to be. She joined us full time last Monday giving up a much higher paid job to do a job she loves with hounds she loves more. Amber willl be spending the night with Theo.