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Sponsor Dogs - Cardi


Cardi, a nine year old greyhound girl, came into Gap's care in August 2015 after being signed over to the dog warden by her owner who was suffering alcoholic dementia and no longer able to properly care for her.


It was evident when Cardi arrived at Gap that she was not in the best of health, she appeared to have some muscle wastage, was very sensitive to handling and laboratory results flagged some serious issues that required further investigation. Cardi's health subsequently began to rapidly deteriorate. While vet tests were ongoing we moved Cardi into foster with Sarah to keep her as comfortable as possible and closely monitor her. Rather than flourishing in foster and despite the very best care possible, Cardi's condition declined further, she stopped eating and displayed early signs of the onset of paralysis. While test results were frustratingly inconclusive, alarm bells rang that Cardi's symptoms might be pointing to Neosporosis, an awful progressive disease without cure, albeit a disease that can be well managed with medication if caught in time.


We were so concerned that we would lose Cardi that we decided to source the medication needed to treat for Neosporosis and start her on it before receiving laboratory results. Thankfully, Cardi immediately began to respond and improve and when the results came they sadly confirmed our worst suspicions. Despite this horrid diagnosis, Cardi is now living a normal and very happy life with Sarah's family and other dogs.


She is a loving, happy girl who is now able to enjoy cuddles on the sofa with her family and loves nothing more than bouncing around in the garden or in the paddock at kennels. Cardi will have to stay on medication for the rest of her life to keep the Neosporosis symptoms at bay, so will remain with her wonderful foster family as a sponsor dog.





If you would like to sponsor Cardi, please email Sue at or use the Paypal Donate button below.


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