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Sponsor Dogs - Twirl



Twirl is a seven year old greyhound girl who came to Gap from Birmingham Dogs Home when she was just two years old.

Although a fabulously easy dog in the house Twirl remains, even after years of work, extremely 'keen' outside and that is how she earned her name!  She will lunge, scream, bark, twirl and spin and can be very hard to hold on to as you can imagine!  She wears a special harness on all her walks which helps to keep her twirling under control. Bizarrely, and in complete contrast she is fantastic in the house where she will happily accept anything from small puppies to Yorkshire Terriers and loves to play with them!


Sponsor Twirl


Due to her overzealous behaviour out on walks she remained in foster, overlooked for homing for over four years.  After all, it's not often people come to you to adopt a dog and want to take on a screeching/lunging banshee is it?!


Recently Twirl's luck changed and she has acquired a space on one of our volunteers sofas alongside two other greyhounds and a small crossbreed, Nell.  Jo and her family have taken Twirl into their hearts and home to offer the place that Twirl so deserves after such a long wait.   We have given Twirl the status of sponsor dog as we know she can be a bit of handful. and  any medical needs will continue to be covered by Gap.


We are just so grateful she finally has somewhere to call home and a family of her own who love her dearly. Oh, and Twirl's 'mum' can also do a fabulous impression of Twirl twirling - so if you ever meet Jo, remember to ask her to demonstrate!


If you would like to sponsor Twirl, please email Sue at or use the Paypal Donate button below.


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