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Sponsor Dogs - Duke


Little Duke came into Gap's care from a situation of long-term neglect in July 2015. Duke is thought to be around 13 years old and is possibly terrier x whippet.


On arriving with Gap it was clear to see that Duke had a multitude of problems due to lack of general care and attention over the years which, taken together, made for a poorly and scared boy. The *smaller* problems included pressure sores from years of outdoor living, a retained testicle, a growth under his tummy, a broken tooth and overgrown nails that were starting to embed in his pads. Much more alarmingly, Duke had a very visible anal tumour and diarrhea which was causing the tumour to stay wet and sore. Although our vet advised that anal tumours are usually benign, the tumour was growing into the sphincter muscle and causing Duke so much discomfort it could not be left.


Duke had immediate surgery to rectify the more immediate issues and went straight into foster with Lisa to recover. We were faced with a huge dilemma because during this initial surgery Duke stopped breathing under general anaesthetic so proceeding to remove the anal tumour carried massive risks, even more so as any damage to the sphincter muscle may also have caused faecal incontinence.


Duke needed to recover from his first surgery before any decision could be made. Despite everything, Duke settled into foster very well, embracing his new-found companionship and home comforts. Although small in stature he has a huge, endearing character full of joy whether playing with the other dogs or adoring fuss and cuddles from his people. Ultimately, Duke made the decision himself regarding his future - he deserved the chance of a continued life bouncing happily around wagging his tail and enjoying life to the full.


The ensuing surgery to remove the anal tumour went as well as we could have hoped for with no ill effects and the best news was that the tumour was benign. And yet there was one final awful twist to Duke's tale. Due to the concerns over Duke's breathing during GA he was x-rayed prior to surgery and found to have gun shot embedded in the base of his skull. While we do not think this of itself will cause Duke any ongoing problems, it is truly heart wrenching to imagine what this beautiful little soul must have endured in his previous life.


Sponsor Duke


Duke has bonded deeply with Lisa and her dogs but because of his deteriorating eyesight he is incredibly wary of strangers so he will stay where he is happiest to enjoy the rest of his life as a sponsor dog.


If you would like to sponsor Duke, please email Sue at or use the Paypal Donate button below.


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