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Juno - Sad News

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you that Juno, one of our sponsor dogs and long term foster dogs, left us for the bridge today.  We are all heart broken. 

Juno has been poorly for some time having been diagnosed with Neospora, a parasitic disease that can cause neurological problems.   As a determined individual Juno bravely fought her battle against the condition stubbornly refusing to let her awful symptoms get the better of her.  Through the bad days and the good she was loved and cared for by her foster mum, Sue and Sue's family.

In recent weeks Juno has had more bad days than good and had been struggling to maintain her fight.  After careful thought and discussion, the difficult decision to let her go was made.  To have let her go on would have only prolonged her suffering.  She was not a happy girl anymore, she was frightened, resisting treatment and becoming increasing distressed at being handled.  

Lisa, Gap's Founder, and Sue both agreed that the time had come and so Juno left us this afternoon.

Nobody could have done more than Sue for Juno, and as a rescue there is nothing more that Gap could have done or have not been willing to try.  Nobody could have fought harder than Juno herself. Her tenacity and bravery and sheer will to live is one of the things that kept the rest of us all fighting for her so hard for so long.

Sleep tight Juno, rest easy now.