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Auction for Flecks Veterinary Bills

Fleck is a 6 year old greyhound who came into Gap's care at the end of 2010.

Fleck has had a horrendous life up until arriving with ourselves and it is easy to see that his ears have, at some point, been home cut with what looks to be scissors, his tail has had a dodgy docking possible again home done and his ankles are covered in old bite wounds we do not know from what but look like rat bites. We have a feeling that Fleck was kept locked in a shed for most of his life. Fleck also has ongoing co-ordination problems and it was decided that he would go into a permanant foster home on a supported veterinary basis to give him the best chance of finding a loving family. 

Recently Fleck had a fall that caused him a great deal of pain and investigations were carried out. It seems that Fleck has probable damage to the bottom of his spine and will need corrective surgery. The cost of the necessary MRI scan to give a firm diagnosis and surgical intervention has been quoted at around £2,500 and will be carried out at Nantwich Veterinary Hospital under the care of Alan Mayo. His scan will take place on September the 6th.

Due to the current financial climate and the rescue already struggling financially under the pressure of so many dogs we have decided to hold an auction to enable Fleck to continue to receive the treatment he so desperately needs.

Please can help us to make this the biggest and best auction yet by spreading the word far and wide. Likewise if you can have a rummage through your draws (oh er!) and find any items you have to donate it would be gratefully appreciated. All we ask is that the donor is willing to cover the cost of postage to the winning bidder and that should you feel the need to put a reserve on your item you do so at the time. A description of the item, whether it is used or new plus a photo is needed.

The auction will run from 12 noon on Saturday the 3rd September until 9pm on Saturday 10th September and for ease of use both for listing and bidding the auction has been split out into categories on our online forum.  The link to each individual board is below but easy to see on the board itself.

For the Animals

For the Humans

For the Home

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Once again we cannot thank you enough for your continued support! We will keep everyone up to speed by mass email , on the forum and the website with Fleck's progress.