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Our Patrons


Greyhound Gap is extremely grateful for the support of our Patrons, Rachel Shenton, Kate Hardie and Bill Oddie OBE.

Actress Rachel Shenton gives an insight to why she is passionate about her involvement with Greyhound Gap.


I have to say I am very lucky to have great friends but speaking frankly none of them show me quite as much loyalty & devotion as my 6 year old white alsation, Cassie. When I arrive home from work she greets like I've been gone for 10 years! I really believe that man’s best friend is his dog.


I learned about Greyhound Gap through a dear friend just over a year ago and was utterly outraged at some of the horror stories I was told. Animal cruelty is inhuman & unacceptable. That's why I am very proud to be supporting Greyhound Gap as they strive to give our loyal four legged friends the life they deserve.


Our Patrons - Rachel Shenton




Kate Hardie is the proud owner of Woody who she adopted from Greyhound Gap in 2010.  Here is what Kate has to say about her involvement with Greyhound Gap.

We decided to get a dog in the summer of 2010.


I was not keen on the idea of a rescue dog and like so many a naive prospective dog owner was far more keen on the "look" of the dog.  Having decided upon a sighthound, I then decided I wanted a cute, shaggy, whippet cross bedlington terrier, preferably brindle in colour.  I looked at breeders websites and nearly went and collected one! The breeders never asked much about where we lived, what job I did, how long I could be with a dog during its settling in - all we really talked about was money and how "great" the dogs were.  Just as I was about to go and get a cute looking brindle whippet puppy a friend, who owns a lurcher, gave me what can only be described as a pretty harsh telling off.


Her dog was a rescue dog and was around 18 months when she came to them. My friend was adamant with me I did not need to get a puppy, nor did the dog need to look a certain way, it was far more about temperament and getting the right dog to suit your family and homelife.  And lastly how could I justify getting a dog from a breeder when so many dogs out there need homes??


The point was made.  My search was switched to finding rescue centres for sight hounds. That is when I came across Greyhound Gap.


I was still pretty keen on a good looking dog, a certain size, etc. but luckily Greyhound Gap were far more keen on who we were and what we were like than finding us a good looking dog. We had a home check and spoke at length to Lisa about our lifestyle, our routines,  our temperaments, what we could offer a dog and what we could not!  The whole process did take a little while, which in hindsight is a good thing.  I had been willing to rush into getting a dog with little thought or preparation. Whereas Greyhound Gap take time to ensure that the right dog is placed in the right home - a process that works so well for both dog and human kind!


After around three months a dog came into Greyhound Gap's care that Lisa felt would suit us.  Having spent time getting to know me and my family and what we are all like, she could pretty much predict any problems we may have and how to solve them.


It was nerve wracking collecting our dog and the first few months were a real learning curve but Lisa was there every step of the way patiently answering our questions and supporting us.  She was kind, funny, reassuring and ultimately our family love Lisa nearly as much as we love our beautiful two year old lurcher, Woody.

Our Patrons

Woody is possibly the most beautiful dog to walk this planet.  I confess he is not the cute, shaggy type I had originally wanted but he is the perfect fit for us.  Woody (and Greyhound Gap) have taught us that it's what is on the inside that counts and Woody certainly is both beautiful outside and much more importantly inside.   Lisa's help to settle him into our home has been invaluable and he is a joy to have around.


Rescue dogs need a bit of time, thought and care. Greyhound Gap are not after your money,  they are after finding a truly safe and loving home for the dogs.  Their priority is the dogs, and I now realise that is the right way round. Lisa would not allow anyone to adopt a dog that she did not feel was right for both the dog and the humans. That has to be the best possible way to find a dog. Much better than the right shade of fur.  I urge you to let go of your own pre conceptions and ideals about the dog you think you want, and to trust Lisa and the people at the Gap.


I am hugely proud to be a patron, I do not have to do much to earn the title, but Woody has changed our family's life. He is a fantastic dog. I am so glad I saw sense and trusted Lisa to find him for us, and us for him.  We owe Lisa and the people at Gap so much, for bringing us such joy, and  for being so extraordinarily sensible, kind, and honest - as does Woody.  Not that he would know that, he is way too happy lying on the sofa and snoozing!




Bill Oddie OBE explains why he is proud to support Greyhound Gap.

Man's best friend. Woman's best friend. Kids' best friend. The whole family's best friend. Working dogs, guard dogs, guide dogs.Big dogs, little dogs, smooth and hairy. Quite simply there is no animal in the world that gives us so much pleasure, service,comfort, delight ,loyalty and friendship. It may seem an odd way to put it, but dogs are wonderful people! Just as it would be outrageous to hurt or mistreat a human being who means you nothing but good, so too should it be unthinkable to harm a dog. Any dog. The fact that human beings can be so callous and so cruel is indeed a crime , not only against animals but also against humanity.


I am delighted to support Greyhound Gap because it represents humanity at it's very best, as well as giving dogs the life and love they deserve.


Bill Oddie OBE - Patron