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Kennel Fund Appeal


Pound for a Hound Property Appeal


Our future long term aim for the rescue is to own the kennels we current rent.  By having our own property the costs to the charity are reduced and it allows for more one to one attention for any hounds needing extra rehabilitation and training.  To have the opportunity to work more intensely with our more troubled hounds would give them a greater chance of finding a new home. In order to achieve our dream of buying the kennels we need to raise a deposit of at least £190,000.


This is an eye-watering amount of money for a rescue where every penny goes directly to the dogs’ care, so how do we raise £190,000? We break it down into small manageable chunks...our aim is to find 190,000 people to donate just £1.  Can you spare a £1 for a hound?


Our fantastic online forum members are also coming up with many fundraising ideas such as  sponsored activities, mini-auctions, raffles and the creation of a Photo Collage.


The Photo Collage will be made up of hundreds of photographs submitted by individuals for a cost of £1 per photograph.  The hope is once a property is secured we will be able to display this in the reception area.


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We also have to remember that aside from raising money for the property we still have to carry on fundraising for the day to day running of the rescue which will continue with stalls at shows, meet and greets, street collections and forum competitions. Any  fundraising events arranged specifically for raising funds for the property will be clearly described so everyone will be aware that, unless specified, all other fundraising will be for the benefit of the charity's running costs.

Kennel Fund Photo Collage

A snippet  from the Photo Collage


How to donate to the Kennel Appeal


The quickest and easiest way to donate is via Just Giving on our specially set up kennels fundraising page on the link below:
     For alternative methods visit our How to Donate page.





Match Funding


We are looking for companies willing to match fund any of our fundraisers for the kennels £1 for £1. If your company feel they could help please do contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know.